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nerd some help

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need some help

I just put a lift on my truck 4 days ago. Its an 07 se 4x4. There is a clunking noise coming from the front end on the right side. All of a sudden the truck freaked out and went into limp mode with the check engine light in. Is it posible that the clunk made the knock sensor go crazy and cause the limp mode? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Or if anyone can think of anything else or had a similar problem too.
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i dont know aboot the limp mode as i have a manual trans. is it the spacer kit? if so, the bump could be caused by the uca hitting the coil spring tower. look near the front of the bucket for a place where the arm will contact it. you should see a definate mark where it has contacted. if thats the cause, go to your local parts depot and get some energy suspension bump stops. dont recall the part#, but theyre about 3/4 inch thick. kinda domed shape an have a stud built in. youll have to drill out a hole on the uca. its there, youll see it. then fenangle the nut in there and tighten
no the noise in the front end sounds more like the sound of a bad cv joint when you turn but more so happens when I'm slowing down. My main concern now is the limp mode. I was able to have a friend bring me out a scan tool to where I was and I got 5 or 6 codes with it. The first one was a P2138. Its TPS/Accel Pedal Pos sensor D/E voltage correlation. I have read up on it and it seems that it has something to do with the tps and app working together. Has anyone come accross this problem or am I F'd and need to bring it in to the dealer? Also is the APP the same from 06 to 07?
crawl around and look really good you might have knocked a wire off or lose
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