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Neosupreme seat covers

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Just figured I'd share my thoughts ( and pics) on my new seat covers. I wanted a clean tight fitting cover that didn't clash with the interior. (i.e. No Hawaiian Flowers for me!) I also liked to look and feel of neopreen but didn't want to shell out $250. So after some research , I came up with these $150Neosupreme Covers from CoverKing. I have to say I really like them so far. Fit is VERY good and accounts for all teh options/features on our seats. Color not obnoxious and material seems tough. (Time will tell.) Install took about 25 min or so and was easy.

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man those are nice. i might have to check them out. i like neoprene too.
I can't tell from your pics, but does your truck have side airbags? If so, do the covers have a slit in them?
I have the same truck as you (except its a 05, even looks like we have the same Pioneer DVD/Nav Head unit) and my seats are dirty as hell. I wear black jeans alot and it shows on the tan.

I was thinking about a whole interior redo $$$$$$ but this is the best way to go. Didnt event think they made seat covers still.

What is neoprene? is that like the weird diver suit like material? Is it machine washable?

Also do you have a link to the spot you ordered yours from? Ill get some asap...Id like to see online what else they offer.
I had similar ones on my Colorado and maybe I was spoiled by them because I don't find these seats very comfortable. I think those were the actual Neoprene covers though.

Did you mind saying where you got them? I think I'd like to place an order.
I have the same truck in CC. I have the nissan frontier neoprene covers for my front seats. I made dealership throw them in when I got the truck and those look just as good as them. I love mine to protect the leather.
I found this site that have all kinds of Seat Covers....

Car Seat Covers, Truck Seat Covers - Custom SUV Seat Cover, Auto Seat Cover

Main Site:
Or there is this site...

Neosupreme Car Seat Covers ? Cheap Custom Seat Covers Material at Covers4auto

Just looking for different sites with different color combos although I find the colors on this website to be the most common.
Hey they look good.....Could you send a pic say after 2 weeks to see if they stretch fromsitting on them....

How is neoprene for odors and liquids? Does it absorb them? I need covers for mine, and I'm going back and forth trying to decide what to get. My last car had an odor issue (OK, fine, I farted a lot! :D ) and switched to leather and it went away to never return. How does the neoprene do?

Very nice, are the front seat covers a one or two piece design? Are ya going to tell us WHERE to buy? Thank you in advance...T
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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