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Need some serious help

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Trying to find a axle shaft for my truck. 2009 frontier pro4x 2wd.
Can anyone tell me where to buy one for the passenger side or tell me the dimensions so I can get one made somewhere. Please and thank you
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Where does one get a Pro4X 2wd?

This may be why you can't find one?
It's a 2wd version of the 4x4 truck. Has an e locker and the skid plates and off road shocks etc. Just doesn't have 4x4
Then it's a Desert Runner :)
but in 2009 they labeled it as pro4x
That makes no sense but I'll take your word for it.

and before that they labeled as nismo the same as the 4x4 model
This I knew.
I believe DR's all have the M226, so yes they have the locker.

I'm guessing the DS length variation is one of the reasons we see 2 and 3 section driveshafts without rhyme or reason?
My 6-sp SV has an M226...but no locker, fwiw.
Boy I'm getting schooled in this thread...
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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