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Need some serious help

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Trying to find a axle shaft for my truck. 2009 frontier pro4x 2wd.
Can anyone tell me where to buy one for the passenger side or tell me the dimensions so I can get one made somewhere. Please and thank you
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Then it's a Desert Runner :)
Good one! Though I don't think Desert Runners have an E-locker, right?

My question is, does having/not-having a transfer case affect what drive shaft length is required? I reckon these 4x2 P4X are a rare bird.
I believe DR's all have the M226, so yes they have the locker.

I'm guessing the DS length variation is one of the reasons we see 2 and 3 section driveshafts without rhyme or reason?
My 6-sp SV has an M226...but no locker, fwiw.
Boy I'm getting schooled in this thread...
Welcome to CF! ::laugh::
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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