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Need some knowledge.....AGAIN

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Hey there im needing to replace the chain inside my transfer case on my 98 fronty. I have found a few used complete units (im thinking will be cheaper) but need to know if transfer cases out of a older hardbody or newer froniter would work. Mine is a 4 cyl 5 speed. Also does anybody know where i can find the chain and the sprockets that drives it, i cant find it anywhere thanks for all info.
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isnt the t-case an all gear? what broke in it
From what i was told it had a drive chain. A while back it would make a clicking sound (like a chain slipping) and finally it stopped but no 4wd now. but i can put it in 4 lo and it still has all the torque that it should and no noise. So i was guessing the chain(if it has one) broke.
Have you changed the fluid in there and looked for pieces of metal?

yes i did and it did have a few metal flakes in it but not real bad. I am really hard on my 4x4 and use it every day.
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