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Hello everyone,
I've been reading this forum for about 5 years now without having the need to post. Well, the time has come as I have run into a bit of a dilemma during the install of my lift involving the ABS module out brake line. It's the white curvy one and during my install, I've manged to nick the soft plastic coating they have on that line. While the steel liner appears perfectly intact, I'd prefer to replace it for my peace of mind. If anyone has an idea on the part number, I'd be very grateful.

As for a bit about myself, I'm an engineer in Tucson, AZ and I drive a 2013 Frontier SV CC 4x4 short-bed. I fish (where I can in the desert), hunt, camp, etc.

Looking forward to posting here in the future. I really want to do a write up on the PRG install process that actually has live picture links in the future. I think I'd do it as a PDF so the pictures are always there.
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