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Need some advice on lift kit for my frontier

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I got an 06 frontier 2wd and I was looking into purchasing the CST 4" spindles but I want to keep the truck level and have a good ride feeling what should I do about the back ?
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I would like to spend less then 1,500 all together.
2.5" to 3" of rear lift will make it sit level with the front spindle lift.

I have the Deaver AAL 2-leaf pack (2" lift) with a 1" block, and my truck sits very close to level (with the spindles up front). The rear might actually be half an inch higher, but you can't really notice.
Alright thanks I am gonna go with the Deaver AAL for the back.
By the way what front fog lights do you have on your truck ? Their not the stock ones right. I like the look.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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