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Need Info Fast!!!

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so i need this info as fast as i can get it. ive got a 2000 cc and im putting a home made shackle kit on it. now my question is does anybody know exactly how long it needs to be to get a 2" lift. i need this info within the next like 3 days or less would be even greater!!!!:crikey:
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I believe they need to be 2" for every 1" of lift. So I think they need to be 8"s long for 2" of lift.

Im not 100% sure though..
wow, how about that math:laugh::nana:
The stock shackle is already 4"s long, so to get 2"s of lift it would need to be 8"s long.

I'm not that stupud :nana:
YEAH, stupid BUT NOT THAT STUPuD......sorry that was first thing that popped in head and i lmao......even funnier that i reread it and notice you spelled stupid wrong.....oh thankyou for ending my day on a great to love us humans
lol. Wow, I didn't even catch that.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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