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need help

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need help on a problem. my nissan wont start but everything is good. the only thing is there is no spark. would that cause the truck not to start and if so do i have to get a new distributor or is there a quick fix. :sign7:
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is it completely dead. do your lights on the dash come on? if not you prob lost your ground.
thanks for the info. i checked the distributor and it seems like the piece on the inside is not moving. ( have no idea whats it called) could that be whats causing it not to start not producing spark, if so not that much to replace.
the distributor rotor? ya, if it was over worn or something but idt it should move by hand if that is what you trying to do. you could try it its only a few bucks. it directs the charge to the intended plug for firing order. i would say, since its cheap anyways, just do a FULL tuneup and see if it works. probably needs it anyways.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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