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need help

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need help on a problem. my nissan wont start but everything is good. the only thing is there is no spark. would that cause the truck not to start and if so do i have to get a new distributor or is there a quick fix. :sign7:
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If its not turning over, try getting under the truck and give your starter a few whacks. I have seen a few of the starters on these trucks just stick out of no where, including mine twice, and a few good taps with the lug wrench got me back on my way.
The only thing available for our trucks are the 3" suspension lifts from calmini, 4x4parts, rancho, SLR and fabtech. Bodylifts are available from 4x4parts as well or you can solid axle swap or do a long travel kit from total chaos if you want to go balls out.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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