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I have a 2006 Nissan Frontier SE crew cab. Recently I went to take my kids ATV riding and noticed when I started my truck it had a slight Little Miss to it after loading up the four wheelers and heading on my way they seem to be doing okay but along the way it started losing power. Then I noticed a really bad Miss which continue to get worse and worse after parking the truck to go ATV riding it's set for about 3 hours when I got back and started it it seems to be running better but not good on the way home power decreased to the point it wouldn't even pull I stopped on side of the road and let it cool off once I started it back up same issue was not running good but was running better. Along the way it begin to lose power again soon as I got home it shut off before I could even get it in Park. The next morning I go out and crank it it started fine but had a slight Miss so I decided not to drive it to work. When I got home I replaced all the spark plugs and noticed the three on the right side of the engine we're all very very black. While the ones on the driver side seem to be normal. I took off the intake manifold again and checked the fuel injectors which seem to be fine. I'm getting fire on all three cylinders on the right side of the motor. Could a crank sensor cause this? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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