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need help woth my climate control unit

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Hi guys I am new here, hoping someone can help me out with my problem. SO I picked this truck up @ auction its a 2007 Frontier SE King cab has 40K miles, my problem is that the heater control doesnt do anything its stuck on hot and on defrost. If i switch it to cold or any other setting such as blowing on floor it still stays on defrost and only hot air comes out. the only thing that works is the fan speeds, if set off stays off, set 1 its on low, etc. The A/C button and recirculate button dont work or light up. Actually all my center console lights are out from the climate control to my transmission gears on the shifter. I changed out the climate control unit with a working one I bought form a junk yard and still no good. I know someone was in here already all the panels are missing screws and stuff, I am thinking there was a in dash dvd or something and someone reoved it and messed soemthing up. It had a used 2001 pathfinder radio in it and it was just sitting there. Any ideas? I was reading soem other threads about certain modules failing, I just dont want to be throwing all kinds of money into this thing, and it not fixing it. Thanks for any help guys!!
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does anyone know if a faulty vent door actuator assembly could cause this?
Mine does this.

If I start up my truck, move the temp to 100% HOT... then after it starts to get real hot in the cab, changing the temperature back to colder continues to blow hot air. If I move the control all the way to cold, it will still blow scorching air. I have to wait for a suddenly random moment to turn the vents back on and cross my fingers for colder air.. sometimes it just stays stuck on hot until the next time I shut the truck off and restart it.


There is many reports of this happening on the 2nd gen's I think 05-07..

Kinda really pisses me off that nissan couldn't fix this in the first reports of it in the 05's. Dealerships want over the 1k$ range to repair it. I think I'll sometime eventually rip the actuators out and see if I can fix em' myself.
I took apart the whole interior all the panels from the dash down and pulled out the actuator assembly and moved the vent gears around by hand , then put everything back and it magically solved my problem, everything is working now. I also unplugged the battery and am thinking maybe it just needed a reset. Give it a try it cant really hurt.
My actuator "flutters". Anytime I move from defrost to dash to floor, you can hear it vibrating as it flutters. kind of annoying but at least it still works.
What does the actuator assembly look like and where exactly is it located? Mine only works on defrost or all the way to the left which is the face. I get nothing in between. I cannot get any air to come out on the feet area, ever.. Pretty much only the settings all the way to the right, or all the way to the left.
I had a similar problem a couple months ago - air not coming out the right vents and stuff. The dealer said there were few electronic components in the HVAC system that could fail and cause the problem. They initially replaced the control module in the center stack. That was not the problem. I told them the truck had this annoying clicking/whirring coming from behind the instrument cluster. They then replaced the "mode door actuator and power servo" - part number 27443-ZP00A. That fixed my problem. If you've replaced the center stack module and other lights on the console are not working it sounds like a previous owner hosed up the wiring or something as well.
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