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Need help with front end clunk

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I have a 2013 sv with 37000 miles I installed a rough country leveling kit a couple weeks ago and reclty I have a slight rattle clunk kinda feels like something is hitting the floor by the wheel wells. It's not a hard or loud clunk kinda soft but annoying. Any idea what it could be seems both sides have it
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Is the Rough Country a spacer lift?

Before I went with Bilstein adjustable's I had Calmini 2.5 inch spacers and it caused cluck through the steering shaft area, any chance this could be the noise you're dealing with?
Everything seems tight it is a spacer lift and I installed the bump stops I've had the coil bucket contact but only on serious bumps and the bigger speed bumps. Do they sell the blisters adjustible in a kit by any chance?
They sure do. Just buy the shocks and reuse your factory springs.

I've got these on the 3rd ring with a half inch spacer on top... much better ride than the Calmini 2.5 spacers I had.

Front's only
Bilstein 24-187053 Front Height Adjustable Shocks

Front & rear
Bilstein 5100 Front Height Adjustable & Rear 5100s
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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