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Need help with body lift!!

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Curious if anyone in the northern Virginia area could lend a hand doing the 2" AC body lift on my 06 frontier king cab?? Local shop said 600-700$ for install!!! They so silly lol!!I"ll supply lots a cold ones n a lil sum sum for their time ; )
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I am in Manassas. Where are you?
I live in Alexandria. I have never done one but wouldn't mind helping
Mike I'm livin in Winchester,prolly 45min to an hour away.
Got tools? A floor jack? What do you need people to bring?

Which weekend are you think of do this?
Not sure on the actual date? I'm down for any Sat. or Sun. As far as tools I got full air tools,socket sets,wrenches etc. No torque wrench(If needed?) I have a floor jack,stands.I'm kinda jus lookin for someone with more knowledge then me on the install : )
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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