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Need help selecting a bed liner, cover and extender, please.

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Hi. I just brought home a dark blue SV yesterday (and sold my Dakota this morning!). I’m into motorcycles and trap shooting so I want to haul bikes and shooting equipment in the bed. My Dakota had a spray-in liner and a removable, lockable hard cover that worked great.

The bed in my Frontier is about five inches shorter than my old Dakota, which reminds me of my days with an S-10 – the rear wheel of my bike will be on the tailgate. It’s no big deal, I hauled a ton of bikes that way with no problems, but it would be nice to add a bed extender. This is where things get complicated.

It appears the factory system has a bracket that bolts to the existing tie down on the bottom. The top fits into a Utili-Track. That may suck in two ways. First, it means drilling into the side rail to mount the track (being a brand-new truck with 8 miles on it I twitch when I think about taking a drill to it). Second, I believe the track will obstruct the necessary mounting hardware for a bed cover.

It looks like the Amp Research product eliminates the Utili-Track but still requires drilling to mount brackets. The only alternative I can think of is a flexible net but then I only have two tie-downs in the back of the bed.

Does anyone out there possibly have the combination of products that I want on their Frontier?
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There are covers that are designed to work with the utilitrack in place, but if I remember right, the box with the utilitack is different than the one without. Some people have added them, but to get the bolts inside the fenders is a ***** as I believe they are welded in on the beds that are to have it and not there on the other beds.

Make it yours and put the tie downs where you want and fab up something that can use your ramps as the back of the bed extender so they have a place to go when the bike is in the back.
go back to the dealer and pay them far too much to change the bed for you. Then the next guy will end up paying for something he doesn't get.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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