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Need Help Getting Factory Backup Camera Working

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I just installed a new Pioneer AVIC-8100NEX. I used the thread done by RLowery78 which was a huge help. Everything is working, including steering wheel controls. But the factory backup camera is not working. When I put the truck in reverse, the camera grid lines come up, but the screen is black. I have the backup camera function turned on in the Pioneer unit. It even lets me adjust the grid lines.

I used the Axxess AX-NIS32SWC for the backup camera hookup and the Axxess ASWC-1 for the steering wheel controls. The steering wheel controls work perfectly, but no camera image. Here are the connections I made for the AX-NIS32SWC:

Black wire - Ground
Red wire - Switched power
Yellow cable with RCA plug - Backup camera input on the Pioneer
Green/Purple wire - Reverse wire of Pioneer.

By looking at RLowery78's instructions, and the Axxess instructions, I don't see anywhere how the factory backup camera image is supposed to get to the AX-NIS32SWC, so it can pass it to the Pioneer. Anyone done this successfully that can tell me what I missed?
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I figured out the issue. Where RLowery78 states "The wiring harness (AX-NIS32SWC) is only for the reverse camera and therefore the square plug that normally plugs into the ASWC-1 and the lead that plugs into the remote control input on your new headunit are not used. ", the part in bold is where I just completely misinterpreted what he was saying). I though he was referring to the big white plug, now I realize he mean the small 3.5mm plug. The big white plug will connect to the oem camera input plug that was previously connected to the oem head unit. That isn't stated anywhere in his instructions, or the Axxess instructions for that module. Once I made that connection, the camera started working. All is good.
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