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Need Help deciding on Rims/Tires w/ TONS of Questions

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OK, I got my bonus, so I want to put some nice Chome RIms and new Tires on my truck. (As well as finish the other things on it from my Wish List). But I am mightily confused. I have never added RIMS to a car before. My last car was a Mercedes SLK230, and it looked fine IMO, so never was interested (not to mention, doing ANYTHING to a BENZ is always 4 figures or more seems like - MINIMUM).

I REALLY like the 20" Rims some of you have done, but cutting up my mud flaps doesn't appeal to me. If I put the Stillen 2" lift on the front will they fit w/o having to do that? But what about ride on tires that thin? Seems like tires that thin would totally get f*'ed up on the slightest potholes or curbs, etc? Input on this matter much appreciated. I saw some 20" American Racing chromes with Pirelli Scorpion ST's that looks just awesome, but is that realistic for a daily driver?

Also, I am wondering if I totally lose my 'truckness' of the truck with tires that thin. Would 18" better and still let me put decent truck tires on it? I do NOT go offroad, just onto some Forest Service Roads at worst, mainy my truck is an Urban go-getter/commuter.

Really interested in some options. Tirerack doesn't list our truck for fitting. I think I will swing by the local 4 Wheel Parts store or Discount Tire and see as well, but looking for some input. Thanks!


Oh yeah, one more thing - can the speedomoter and odometer be adjusted to take into account new size tires? Does the shop do this?
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Will there be room in the wheel well for that size?
BE SURE TO DOUBLE CHECK YOUR OFFSETS GUYS. Went to have my new rims and all installed today, and they didn't work. I blame the tire store guy, he had the wrong lug pattern ordered to begin with, then the wrong offset. Now waiting for the RIGHT rims ot be shipped from Cali :(

Like I said in a PM, the maxim's don't work. And he said they don't make them in a +30 offset (which, after his other screwups may or may not be true).
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