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My exhaust is just falling apart on the 00 Desert Runner and rather than pay the money to fix the old system I figured this would be the best time to put a new exhaust on. My question has a few parts to it.

1. Can the second set of cats be removed without any negative effect on the engine?

2. I've been informed of two different types of exhaust systems. One is a Y-pipe into the muffler and one pipe out. The second was something called an "X-pipe" and this led to a dual in/out muffler. Does any of this sound correct?

3. I'm a total exhaust noob, I changed one on an 82 S-10 years ago but this time I don't have a clue. Does anyone have any recommendations? Sound/performance increases, while nice, can take a back seat if necessary to getting the problem resolved correctly.

Thanks all for your time, you have all been the best.
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