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NEED bed and bumper!

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Got in a wreck and am needing the bed and rear bumper for a 98 frontier 4x4.....just got it lifted not too long ago and then this wreck happens (YAY)

Please help.
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Ok. I can do that? Where would I go to get a custom bed? I can find the bumper online... EVERYONE THROW IN IDEAS!!!
Flat Bed!
if you need a starting point all pro has a nice kit for the toyotas.
Where would I get a flat bed from????
Where are you located?

Not the worst idea to go full custom, find a fab shop that would make one for you and go from there. how to build a flat bed You would have a spot for compressor, tire, toolboxes, storage, you get the idea...

This one is cool

Start like this..

Call them up

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Would it be illegal for you to drive around in TX with no bed fro a while?
not really the same gen but your thinking.
not really the same gen but your thinking.
Missed that, oh well....
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