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jwtillema said:
Hey guys,

I previously upgraded the front speakers with 6.5 in. MB Quart components (RCE 216). I still have the stock head unit and just put in a 40W RMS X 4 channel amp (Alpine MRP-240). I just finished the wiring and gave it a test run. It's really overdriving all 4 channels, even on low volume. So I changed the setting from full range to mid/high, which clips the bass at 80Hz. This is resulting in really weak bass. Bass is the reason I got the amp. Can anyone suggest what the problem might be?
well... from my knowledge.. you will never get the same quality using the fatory deck due to the way the input into the amp is done. RCA's are a much cleaner signal. First i would suggest getting an aftermarket deck with preouts. If you just really want to use
the factory deck then I would suggest trying the amp in full range again..
1. turn the volume on the headunit down to almost the losest setting.
2. turn the gain down on the amp all the way.
3. set the amp to no crossover so that you get the full range of sound.
4. slowly start turning the gain on the amp up. If the volume does not go up trying turning the volume of the headunit up a litte bit until you get the quality you are after.

Your Head unit should be at a very Low volume since you have amplified speakers now.... It should also sound cleaner and crisper.

I hope this makes sense and helps....
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