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Need advice on lift

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Wanting to lift my truck but im having a hard deciding on the best way to go about doing this...I'm not wanting too high of a lift just something to give a meaner look


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4x4 or 4x2. How many inches would be ideal for you? theres a few different height ranges from 2, 3, 4, 5, 6+
if 2wd CST spindles would look nice i guess
Its 2wd and im wanting 2 to 3 inches maybe 4 with the leveled look
4" go cst spindles with shackles or aal. If you just want the truck level you can do a spacer, rancho struts, or coilovers to get the front level with the rear.
CST 4" spindle and a 2" block in the rear with CST shocks for the extra length. the rear shocks are about $80. that will make your truck look different from the rest of the stock frontiers. your next step will be different tires to give it the meaner look. if you dont feel like buying new wheels just powdercoat or spraypaint your stocks black, looks A LOT better then stock and deffinately stands out.
I've had the same problem but with a 2007 4X4 KC. I have been looking and trying to figure out what I want as a lift. I don't want to do anything that I cannot undo and I don't want it to void my warranty. I don't want to spend a whole lot of money and the PRG website is looking pretty good. I would check it out as they have some good deals and many different setup options to choose from depending on your situation. Once you figure out the setup that you want start asking the techs questions about ease of installation as well as how to's. Another great resource is people on this website! Many could already have your potential alteration and what better way to learn from someone who has already installed it!! Remember, do your homework and take your time. Use the time you have to find the correct application for what you are looking to accomlish.
i have a prg 2" spacer and aal in back, gonna do a 2" BL when i get back home from iraq, cheaper than the spindles and still get a decent lift and good ride characteristics. you'll be happy with it lifted however you do it though
I would suggest getting coilovers first. Many people say they want to "save" money and put spacers in. In the end, they buy coilovers to replace the spacers, which ends up being more money. IMO the ride quality of stock vs spacers vs coilovers is pretty big (coils being the best). Another good thing about coils is the fact that they are adjustable. Which means you can simply make it level, or crank it up to 3".

Just something to think about.
i agree with the above. However it is nice to have a spacer handy for your stock struts so you can drive the truck if you have to take the coilovers out to get the recharged or send them in for service.
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