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Need advice on a 2wd lift kit.

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I was a little cheap and ended up getting an aftermarket kit. I want to achieve 6 inches on my 2008 se. Could I stack this lift with something else or do I need to start over? Also if you could please explain to me the best way to get a 6 inch lift and be able to fit a 35" tire or 33"


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The common way to get 6" of lift would be a spindle kit.
You can also go to a body lift on top of what you have now.
If you just want a 5"-6" and not concern with performance this would be the cheapest.
If you are concern about performance(doesn't sound like you are) you can have custom arms , hoops built, coilovers, leaf pack etc, a lot more expensive.
Best way or cheapest?
First of all,I really don't think much of body lifts.
Mainly because it does nothing to improve the performance of your suspension. It is like they state , a body lift and not a suspension lift.
A 2" body lift plus with the spindle lift will get you at your desired height.
I don't know much about body lifts but the better kits have ways of dealing with most everything necessary I do believe.
Maybe someone who done a body lift can better explain.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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