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Need advice on a 2wd lift kit.

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I was a little cheap and ended up getting an aftermarket kit. I want to achieve 6 inches on my 2008 se. Could I stack this lift with something else or do I need to start over? Also if you could please explain to me the best way to get a 6 inch lift and be able to fit a 35" tire or 33"


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The common way to get 6" of lift would be a spindle kit.
You can also go to a body lift on top of what you have now.
If you just want a 5"-6" and not concern with performance this would be the cheapest.
If you are concern about performance(doesn't sound like you are) you can have custom arms , hoops built, coilovers, leaf pack etc, a lot more expensive.
Best way or cheapest?
I learned my lesson. The price doesn't matter just wanted to do it right this time. Doesn't a body lift stretch the fuel lines and things? If I get a 4" spindle kit what else would I need to add the extra height? Also could I use a spindle kit and a body lift?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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