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need 16 inch rim!!!

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i have a 305/16 tire as a spare right now on a spare stock rim ... after lookin at it im realizing its not goin to work ... the tire will rub ... so i need a 16 rim with a good backspacing so i could use instead of the stock rim ... prefer black and hoping someone in the area .... but i could do whatever color ... its goin to sit under my truck ... i just want to make sure it fits on any side of my truck.

thanks guys
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i have SE rims, could sell you a single for your spare but must ship
i think an se rim would be like our spare rim though and still rub since the backspacings r the same ... and that tire 12.3 inches wide ... it would either run on my spindle or inner fender ...
i have a 295/75 on my se rim and they don't rub
if it doesnt rub on ur se rim then i think the spare should be good ... all its for its to get me to the closet tire shop so i could fix the tire ...

ive been to lazy to try it on and see if it works ... i might do that this weekend ... thanks for the offer though bro ... appreciate it ...
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