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Navara D40 timing chain issues

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I have a 8 years old Nissan Navara D40 with YD25 engine. I can honestly say it's been always serviced on time and we used the best oil and filters. A month ago when we started the engine it started to give a really bad rattiling noise.
125000KM on the clock and the engine went bang few days ago. My mechanic opened it up which took several hours and he called me saying the timing chain has snapped. It is really frustrating as I wouldn't expect this from a Japanase made Nissan.
We tried to check what may have caused this problem and we noticed that the timing gear and the crankshaft sprocket are worn off.
I've attached few pics of it below:

Does anyone know how often the timing chain is due to be changed? I thought these chains last 180K km at least.
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Hi Deckman80,

It is certainly not the case with Navara. Although I don't know what might be the difference regarding engine between Nissan Frontier and Navara but after reading a lot in the past two days I found that many owners had similar timing chain issues to mine.

Timing chain is prone to stretch and snap in 40-60K miles. We tried to investigate what could have happened to my engine before the chain snapped and we concluded that the top timing chain tensioner failed which allowed the chain to slap and caused a sugnificant amount of wear on the top timing chain guide. I think this all resulted the chain to snap.
Mine is a 8 years old YD25 engine and I've been courious if other newer Navara D40 YD25 have the same problem.
I could find a lot info online especially in the UK and in Australia.
Nissan has failed to do a recall nor upgrade their weak lower timing chain and newer Euro 5 models suffer from the same problem.
I found a topic where the timing chain snapped in a Navara produced in 2013. Just after 40K miles. So I don't think the statement is true that the timing chain should last the life of the motor. Maybe Nissan fitted different type of timing chain in Frontier I dont know.

Here I found a lot info:

In Autralia and in the UK they sell some duplex timing chain upgrade. They say the lower simplex timing chain in Navara D40 can be converted to a stronger duplex chain.
Im not sure if I keep this car long but since my engine is stripped we go for this duplex chain upgrade. We still try to establish what other things we have to change in the engine but this YD25 will definitely not be a success story in Nissan's history. Very disappointing.
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