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Navara D40 timing chain issues

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I have a 8 years old Nissan Navara D40 with YD25 engine. I can honestly say it's been always serviced on time and we used the best oil and filters. A month ago when we started the engine it started to give a really bad rattiling noise.
125000KM on the clock and the engine went bang few days ago. My mechanic opened it up which took several hours and he called me saying the timing chain has snapped. It is really frustrating as I wouldn't expect this from a Japanase made Nissan.
We tried to check what may have caused this problem and we noticed that the timing gear and the crankshaft sprocket are worn off.
I've attached few pics of it below:

Does anyone know how often the timing chain is due to be changed? I thought these chains last 180K km at least.
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Your Navara has the diesel engine, so it's not the same issue as the Frontier in the US, which only comes with gas engines. The issue with the Frontier VQ40DE engine was not because of an inferior material used in the guides, but because of poor stamping of the links of the upper timing chains, which were made by Borg-Warner. As the stamping dies wore, the produced sharp edges on the links, which cut through the plastic timing chain tensioner faces. Because the quality of the link stamping depended on how many stampings were on the die is the reason why some Frontiers have no issues and those that do can become an issue at low miles, or well over 100,000 miles. Eventually, they corrected the issue.
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