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I will be installing an AVIC Z110BT in 08 frontier. But will be putting it in another truck very soon so I want to find the easiest place to put Nav ant. I have seen it installed outside behind the hood and windshield and on the dash in the center. Also someone just placed it on the metal plate and placed on the HU under dash.

How would the ant. be placed in the center of the dash? Is that flat square area large enough to place the metal plate and how to get the ant. wire to it?

Or should I place on HU under dash?

And any other helpful tips would be great.


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i have my ant on the center square plastic piece btwn the defroster at the very front under the windshield. never had any real issues w/reception. it easy to get to jsut snake the wire from behind. as far as holdin it down my Avic Z2 came with a lil sticky magnet that u place on the square part and then the ant on top
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