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Nate from Atlanta

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Hi, My name is Nate from Atlanta, GA. I have a 2006 Nissan Frontier and this is my 2nd Nissan. I had a 1984 Nissan Datsun in which I got 428,000 miles out of. I currently have 122,000 miles on my 06' and have had plenty of problems. Fuel sending unit. IPDM gone bad. 2 bad CATS. Door Jam swich gone bad. And now antifreeze is in my Transmission. Doing a bypass today, tranny should be saved. Thank goodness!
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I have completed all regular maintenance including the transmission every 40,000. Most of my problems are a result of the malfunctioning IPDM. The dealer could not diagnose the IPDM as it does not throw codes. Once the truck completely died, we were able to isolate the IPDM. The product is on national backorder. It took almost a month to get in. How many miles does your truck have. I really like my truck and would like to keep it. Just completed the bypass on the transmission oil cooler saturday and I believe I saved the tranny. I spoke with the dealer this morning and they recommend an external trans oil cooler. I will start shopping for one now. If you know of anyone that has one let me know. Two of my friends has this problem with the antifreeze in the transmission fluid but they did not catch it in time. Both were out well over 5K.
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