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Named my truck... Clucky

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Got a name for my truck, Clucky, because of the noise it makes at idle. Now that I am not going to stress my self out about it being noisey, I might as well have some fun with it. It is a endearing term for me. It will keep its name until I can get it looked at, then I hope I'll make up a new one:)
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I drove my truck about 90 miles today. When I got home I decided to take a good look under the hood. I have the same noise at idle. It sounds like its coming from the front drivers side of the engine. It's definately not the fuel injectors. It sounds something like a sticky valve lifter, but after removing the oil cap I found that not to be the problem. I'm glad It's still under warranty. Did the service department give you any information about the noise. They told you it was normal, but did they give you an idea of what it is.

I checked the service bulletins, and I think my problem is:

* IF YOU CONFIRM: An applied vehicle, when accelerating at 1/8 to 1/2 throttle opening, has a ticking noise coming from the engine area that sounds like spark knock, AND You confirm the noise is not spark knock related, ACTION: Install a new ExhaustManifold. Refer to the Service Procedure for details. See this bulletin for further detail.

I guess I'm going to the dealer...
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Not sure that mine is the same noise but it could be. The dealer only confirmed my noise via an audio recording I emailed them (keep in mind I left it there overnight once already) they just said it sounded abnormal, well duh... Looking for somewhere else to take it in the northern KY area.
From the day I bought my truck it has made strange sounds from the ticking, clicking, whatever.... and I just let it go because they all seem to make the same sounds. If your under warranty just run it.
I too, have this noise. Goes away when not idling. Don't particularly care for it.
Anyone find out what it is?
The last engine that had similar sounds (RB25DET) had to have the VCT replaced.

Currently at 3500 miles and have about 2000 miles on an my second OEM oil filter and 5W-30 GTX with half a quart of synthetic Lucas oil stabilizer.
Driving to California next week, changing to Mobil1 and the Mobil1 M1 110 filter.
Wanting to use 5W-30 Truck/SUV or the 0W-40, both with Lucas.
This is an oiling issue. when cool/cold startup, it does not tick. only after full operating temp does it tick. This is exactly the same thing (sound wise) our Skyline did.
Even though the oil viscosity increases with temperature, it also "thins".
I am going to try the 0W-40.
But first, I'm going to the dealer. I hope they don't blame the headers for the issue.
Mine is always making a different sound, lol...

Yesterday when I went to the post office I noticed it was idling absolutely perfectly smoothly and it make NO noises.. just purrrr....

Sometimes it makes loud rattling noises at low RPM and rattles all the dirt in the skid plates and what not, sometimes it makes chittery chattery noises coming from the sh**** belt tensioner, sometimes it makesa LOUD WHINEY SQUEELY high frequency noise from the bearing on the sh***** belt tensioner, regardless, it runs well :D
Just went to Nissan. As usual, the service reps were puzzled. The tech came out, looked and listened. Said it is fine.
Im curious. Can you post a video of this noise? Just to compare to my daily noises lol
No way to post here and all I have is my Canon G10. Not the greatest sound recording ability so I don't think it would detect the tick.
According to the service manual I downloaded, we have solid lifters. That surprises me for I figured they would have been hydraulic.
I stopped at another dealer earlier today, because it's close to my friends house.
Anyway, I'll go to my dealer and ask to have the clearances checked. I have one week before my drive but I don't want to be without wheels my last weekend here.
I don't know about the rest of you, but I miss Clucky.
Second dealer said its OK, this time I have it on paper.
Noise is getting louder.
Talked to a Mossy Nissan service manager (a friend of a co-worker) and he even said the VQ40DE engines are like that. Its under warrantee, don't worry about it.
I don't buy it. The service manual states to check lifter clearances for noise at idle.
The check isn't all that difficult. To change a lifter out, that is a chore because the whole front of the engine must come off.

Anyone recommend a good dealer in San Diego?
which Mossey are you using... I use El Cajon and they are great. Ive also had real good experiences with Ken Boswell,Service manager. He just got transfered from El Cajon to National City.
Dont know where he worked. The National City Mossy, is that the one on Mile Of Cars?
I would change the oil and go with M1 or another syn with either an M1 filter, WIX, OEM and skip the lucas stuff.

The lucas stabilizer has been shown to foam up (bobistheoilguy) when used with motor oil and gear oil and etc..... I am thinking that since the oil is forced thru some small orfaces, it might be foaming up and loosing its lubricating ability. I would check this before I start dealer shopping.
The engine ticked soon after I got it.
I ran the OEM fill until 1200 miles and replaced it with Castrol GTX 5W-30.
I'm currently using M1 0W-40, synthetic Lucas and the M1 110 filter.
There are three main noises with the hood open. Fuel flow through the lines, injector pintles clicking and the tapping from the front drivers side of the valve covers.
I can hear it with the hood closed while standing next to my truck. I hear it when stopped in traffic when the sound reflects off of other cars.
Again, the solid tappet ticking/tapping indicate to me there is a clearance issue with at least one of them. It getting louder tells me that the peening action from the incorrect sized tappet means the tappet/cam lobe distance is increasing as the miles stack up. If it was on both sides and everyone on this board said its normal, I wouldn’t be worried.

I like the Lucas. I used it in my Jeep with a gear drive cam and it reduced the gear whine. I've used it in 3 sportbikes and every vehicle I've owned for over 10 years.
Foam or not, I have spoken with many experienced builders who use it also. The website you speak of seems (IMO) to be cheap advertisement for Schaffer's Oil.
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