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Hey Crew - Already a huge fan of this site, and I wanted to quickly introduce myself so I can replay to the Knock Sensor Relocation Thread ( ) and how helpful it was.

Name is Dirk, and I own a 2004 Nissan Frontier V6 XE Crew Cab. I bought it at 98,000 miles, and have nearly put 100,000 on it since then. I had a knock sensor issue as stated above, and after doing a little research for the DIY project after getting a $900 estimate from my mechanic, I was happy to find this Site. First time posting on a forum.

Current Issues I will be needing to fix...
1) Loosing Fuel pressure somewhere...
2)Power steering pressure hose leaks.
3)It's 180,000 miles... none refundable. :)

Looking forward to posting more on this site in the near future.

Best Regards - D
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