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Before I installed mine (05-08 model) I went to the dealership and checked to see if there was a difference between mine and the 10. I didn't look at the plastic shroud that needs to be removed or altered, but the rest was the same. The accumulator (cylinder) and the tubes were located in the same spots. Yes it blocks most of the ram horn intake.

Your brake lines are different from mine though. Honestly it looks like Volant didn't even look at a newer truck.

One of the mounting holes matched (top one). I had to dremel the other two and not use the lock washer on the bottom mount. The rest of their system installed without a hitch. The horns are a different story. Sounds like a dying giraffe. I should have listened to the groups experiences and just relocated them at the time. Will be relocating them next week.

Haven't really noticed the intake noise until I hit the accelerator.

But on the same day I installed a Banks system and its drowning out everything. That's my issue right now. Retrain my driving habits to reduce drone.

Edit: Apparently I am slow at this, noticed your pic you posted after I posted. It is the same shroud.
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