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What sould I get with my tax return

  • CD/DVD Player

    Votes: 32 50.8%
  • Exuast system

    Votes: 31 49.2%

My next upgrade, its up to you.

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So many things so little money. Ok so should I go with an Exhaust system or DVD player with my tax return?
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4 cyl? dvd/cd player first by far. i've got a pioneer avic d3 and i love it. i highly recommend their products. lots of info on how to install their stuff on here too which helps. also if you have any questions about the system that the users here don't know
go with stereo thats always been on of the first things I do to any thing I own because it makes driving so much nicer
do a custom intake like mine and an exhaust.
Get a CD player but, put half of the return in a four-year CD.
your truck already has a cd player, you will have more fun with a new exhaust.
Put it all in the bank as the way things are going in this country you will be happy to have it in the future.

Put it all in the bank as the way things are going in this country you will be happy to have it in the future.

Clint, that's what i plan to do....

but, if you must spend it.
#1, stereo
#2, exhaust
#1, The stereo would be my choice.

I say go with a nice exhaust. I actually rarely turn on my radio on a nice day, I usually prefer to just row down the windows and enjoy listening to the music my engine and exhaust make :)
I am firmly in the camp to save your money right now. The economy is still too iffy for me. All but one of the economic news letters I get say there will be another downturn before things finally do recover.

On the other hand if you feel like you have to spend some of it I would vote for the exhaust system first. You probably already have a cd player in your truck and unless you are one of those people who is not happy unless everyone else can hear what you are playing then the factory unit will probably suffice.

I usually listen to talk radio when I am in my truck so I only listen to cd's when there is nothing on the radio I want to listen to.

By the way, how do you know for sure you are going to get a return?
I agree with Pat... since you have a 4cyl, go for the dvd player.
A nice exhaust has to be coupled to a manual transmission because an auto trans shifts just as the rumble gets good.
My Titan sounded good as it accelerated but in the upper gears didn't do it for me.

I put down the soudn system choice, but what you really should do is take it to the local roulette table and put it on black, and then get both!
exhaust hands down
im wanting to upgrade the CD player to a Double din DVD/CD player... I always have money being im guaranteed a paycheck of the next 3 years at least. gotta love the military.
its a 4cyc there is only so much "GO" in it.
its a 4cyc there is only so much "GO" in it.
they run them in Pro-lite and it's capped 300hp
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