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My new wheels and tires.

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Got these yesterday.


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Thanks you guys. After driving it today, I just found out that when I turn the wheel all the way the tires rub in the middle where the mud flaps are. Is it easy to trim it down? What did you use to trim it down? It would not only trim down the mud flap but part of the wheel well, correct? Any advice or pics would be helpful. Thanks.
If I take off the mudflap it should still rub at the wheel well I believe.
I upgraded from 265 70 15 to 255 70 16
I wound up taking off the front mud flaps and that fixed the problem.

These are the tires that I got Mike|pc|90001&pc=43423
My tires were orginally 265 70 15 (XE model). Every tire store I went to did not have any in stock and had to be special ordered if I wanted to keep that size. Discount gave me a good deal for the 16" rims and the 255 70 16 Geolanders that I could not pass it up.
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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