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My navara won't go!

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G'day all.

My mighty Nav has been running a little rough lately and on Monday it got really bad. Was having to keep the revs up at lights just to stop the thing from stalling. Monday night after work (finish at 11pm) The car started and once I tried to drive it stalled. I could keep turning it over but it wouldn't run. I noticed the fuel priming bulb under the filter was limp so I primed it and then the motor would start and and then after a few seconds it started to rattle and would stop again. Time to call the NRMA (wish it was you Marty).

The NRMA tech thought it may have been a leak in the fuel line. As the pump is sucking fuel all the way from the tank he thought it may have sucking in air. At 12.30 in the morning he was in no position to fix it so we called for the tow truck. Tow truck turns up at 1.40am. I get delivered to the closest Nissan dealer at 2.10am and slept in the freezing cold until the workshop opened.

The mechanics looked at it and said that the timing chain is stretched. Has anyone had this on their Nav? I searched the forums and could only find reference to timing chains on the American Frontiers. Nothing on the Diesel Nav. They also said that once they pull it apart they may find that the teeth on the wheels are also chipped or stripped due to running with a loose chain.

That was Tuesday morning. It's now Friday and they are saying that they are still waiting for parts. The dealer also said that they have had two other cases with Navs around the same milage (155,000km) and Nissan have come to the party as far as after warrenty assistance. Does anyone know about this? Given I have my 160,000km service coming up the last thing I need is this costing me a bomb too.


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I know I don't have a diesel as I am in the US but most reports on this forum about the diesels is that their fuel filters are usually the culprit. Most also report that they are quite expensive.

I wonder if your dealer is trying to be nice and blame it on something that Nissan will cover under warranty and they will just add on the fuel filters thru warranty or still try and stick you with them?
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