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My First Truck

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Hello all,

We I did it. Yesterday, I traded my 2003 Subaru WRX wagon for a 2010 Frontier SE 4x4. I loved the Suby but being a home owner without a truck was tough. I was sick of borrowing from friends (and I think they were sick of it too.)

I went back and forth between the Tacoma and the Frontier. In the end, the Frontier won out due to overall value. (I hope I made the right choice.)

The truck is going to stay relatively stock. I am going to put a stereo in it and maybe a few other simple upgrades (like fog lights) but overall I don't think I will change much (unless you guys convince me otherwise:).

A little bit more about me:

I'm a 33 your old engineer from New Hampshire that works in a bioprocess manufacturing facility as a maintainence supervisor. I enjoy all types of biking (both mountain and road), and snowboarding in the winter. Hopefully, my first truck will help me in both of those endeavors.

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Welcome to the Club. Check out the Exterior mod stickies on how to add the fog lights and lots of stereo info in the Audio forum. Any pics of your new ride?
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