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My first Nissan

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Hello All. I just bought a 2005 Nissan Frontier King Cab 2.5 liter manual trans from a buddy of mine. I bought it for my daughter who will be turning 15 soon. My buddy was tired of throwing money at this thing. It's got 82,500 miles, 5 new tires, new battery. Was throwing a Crankshaft Positioning Sensor code when I bought it for $1700. Like I said, he was tired of dealing with it. Apparently the AC will blow cold at first and then after a click sound, will blow warm.

Thanks to this site I replaced the CPS this weekend and she drives like a dream. Blows cold for me so far, but won't know more on that until Summer comes. Also had a bad rattle but fixed that also. The heat shield was rattling on top of the exhaust and just used a metal hose clamp and tightened it down. Rattle gone.

There is a CD stuck in the CD player and it doesn't work but I told my daughter we would look into an AUX converter thingy so she can just hook her iphone up to the stereo. (or 3.5mm aux cable, etc.). Or maybe replace the whole deck. Any thoughts on this would be helpful.

Thanks for all of the help thus far, I hope she lasts me and my daughter a long time.
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That is one lucky daughter to have such a nice dad glad you joined and were able to fix a few things most are nice an easy just being its a 05 might wanna R/R all the fluids and not sure if the 4cyl rear is included but check an see if the fix was done on the rear axle vent there's a thread on it blowing the axle seals.
That click with the a/c can you see fan running when it is on? could just be if it is to hot an fan is not turning on or might be on its way out, where once the the fan motor gets hot the fan wont spin. These are really good vehicles and just like anything there are a few common items that you might want to address to save yourself some grief down the road the biggest one you have beat since it's a stick is the auto trans/rad contamination other is the timing gears but again not sure if pertains to the 4cyl.

Hope she enjoys the pickup
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