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WHERE to begin?!?! ill tell some of the story, and make notations with the pictures. now i think it was a good idea that i put an aggressive tire on the truck and gave it a 3" body lift...i think it helped, i also flushed all the fluids out, changed belts out and kept spares, threw in a k&n

well some of u know i needed new tires in nashville, really nice people there.

the adventure did not really begin until i hit canada.
Now when i hit the canadian border they made me park my truck and sit inside for an hour while they ran a background check on me. Then i was told to pull my truck and car into the "hangar" to which point they completely unloaded my truck and car...then proceeded to pull off my door panels, pulled seats out, lifted carpet...i mean, i had military orders/and ID...what the heck? then i had to load it all back up myself.

so from there, it was boring...longggg drives with nothing and nothing and nothing, then i would see these huge silos built next to the train tracks...they were everywhere in canada, probably a large source of their income!

then the proverbial poop hit the literal fan when i hit the alaskan highway...which is actually over a 1000miles away from alaska..when i made that turn my GPS tells me "turn onto bla bla street in 1,320 miles" hahahaha oh man!

almost immediately off the bat, the alaskan highway gets bumpy, mountains, moose, and monsters running amuck. Now i must remind you that its veryyyyyyy true that gas stations are very limited out on this road! i normally went 300-400+ miles before getting a station, so i had to fill my tank up with the 4 gas cans i brought with me. and the stations are open during like 6-4pm, they have no credit card slots, some places dont have credit card machines or a the option of breaking down...was not an option hahahaha. which i did blow one tire out on the alaskan highway, at 2am with god knows what looking at me like a meal, it wasnt too cold out there believe it or not.

alot of the roads have no barriers, or gaurd rails...which sux when tractor trailers buzz past me at guys rear left tire wasnt even on the road at one point...good thing they are duals back there!

just because the road is paved...means NOTHING! i felt like a fisherman on the deadliest catch, going 3 miles an hour driving the waves of pavement for hundreds of miles, there were only a few spots i could actually get up to 50mph on. one particular stretch of canyon road, snugged between two mountains, i had to go 5mph around tight bends for about 50miles at dark, dodging falling BOULDERS. And in that canyon...a new F350 with a large 26' trailer was following me...when i stopped hes like "sorry for following you like that, just looked like you knew what u were doing haha" and im thinking (what? stay alive?!)

hmm and i did tow in 3rd gear the whole time, i averaged around 12-14mpg which is not too bad considering i had 5246lbs of weight (which includes trailer, car, and everything i brought with me) so i exceeded max tow for the truck by 246lbs.

it showed in some parts, because u dont notice your going up a mountain most of the time, until u see a i put it in 2nd and i come to the crest of the hill and im like "how the heck did i get up here?" then when i get to the bottom, lurking around the corner is a near straight up hill and im just like "HOLD ON DOGS!" then i floor it, get up to 50mph....rpms dropping....kicks into 2nd at 4600rpm....rpms at 2600rpm....kicks into 1st...i start ROCKING THE TRUCK WITH MY BODY...C'MON NISSAN DONT FAIL ME NOW!!!" that happened more times on that road than i care to ever happen again. one particular hill...going down...i almost bit the bullet on that one, HUGE grade, i started out at 5mph and the trailer was wanting to get away from me, it was raining...just horrible...thank someone because jesus was riding shottie with me on that one!

now im going to put up a lot of pix....amd its going to take me a second to go through 630 pix...

sorry i took most all of these pix moving, good i had a decent camera

here are some huge tires i deemed worthy of taking a picture...

these windmills are all over the place in the northern region

heres the wolf monster eating my mountain dew

idk i thought this was cool?

heres those silos i was talking about


bored again

hmmm i dont see a historical museum??

into the darkness i go...

idk? guessing champs of some sort...

shoulda bought a turbo diesel =(

everyone else takes pix of gas i gave it a shot


woo! i can see mountains


now i talked to this guy getting gas! i guess that a lot places (like her in alaska) are only accessible by plane or helicopter, but hes paid to ferry lumberyard people out to far out places...funky.

wolf monster sleepin in the back haha

over a lookout spot...had to stop cause truck got too hot going up that hill haha


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Nice story. Love the pic's. Crazy they did all that when you had I.D and orders. I take it you PCS'D. What a drive! I only went from San Antonio up to Nor Cal "Travis" and loved the drive. Nothing like Alaska of course. I have that on my dream list. What a fun that will be if I get it. Too bad it was only you and so much stuff. I know when I drive like that I just want to stop and go offroad. But would be done if you got stuck. lol

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That is awsome

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I made that drive coming back to Idaho after I got out of the Army. It is beautiful. Lots of wildlife...and no road signs. I remember coasting into towns on fumes. It was a good thing I had a tahoe with a big tank. Great story, enjoy Alaska. where are you stationed?

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Very cool.
I lived in AK for 10 years (Anchorage). Drove outside 3 times via the Alcan. Go to Al's and have a beer for me. Go to the end of year show at the Fly By Night Club. Get all the gear you need at Army Navy on 4th ave. Go to Fur Rondy this spring and ride the ferris wheel when it's snowing...

Great memories.


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One LOOOOONG trip. Great pictures!!

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Wow! What a trip! How long are you stationed there?

I'm surprised that the border guards did all that. Seems WRONG that they can tear out all your crap and make you put it back together.

In my experience, they're usually big arseholes. I have to assume it's because they're making up for a lack of something that most of us other men have. Just a hunch.

I have a few good (and by good, I mean bad) experiences with them myself. I usually make it up to the Great White North once or twice a year for work.

Glad you made it! Nice truck! Cool lookin' pooch!

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hey guys thanks for all the comments!

yea it was one hell of a drive!! and i did PCS here, i was stationed at tyndall working on f-22s now im at elmendorf afb working them again.

the pooch is actually a wolf haha. shes a mix between a timberwolf and artic wolf (not a dog =D)

i used royal purple oil, so i didnt need to change oil along the drive.

some things i do need to do to the truck now is
-flush fluids again
-the windows in the front are moving veryyyyy slow
-i lost a rain gaurd in the yukon so i need a new one haha
-the alignment kicked out a bit, so have to get that fixed

and i loveeeeee my nissan but i really want to use a dual axle enclosed trailer when i leave, a big one. the only way i can see that happening is if i do v8 swap, and use titan suspension and maybe an SAS...but i think the hitch itself would still be limited to i may have to get rid of this nissan =( and i checked the warranty info on it...the only thing its ever been in the shop for was a thermostat gasket...since 2004! good truck!

i really wanted to add a 3" suspension lift to it too...but i dont think the truck is strong enough to tow a full trailer like i need blaaa so i might get a titan
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