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My amp won't turn off

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So let me tell you the whole story, yesterday I was helping a friend hook up his sub and amp that he recently purchased. Well, his amp wasn't working so I took mine out and hooked it up to see if it was the wiring or something he did. After I put mine back in it worked fine and dandy until late last night I noticed it never turned off. So I unhooked the power cable and today I tried checking all of the wires and I cannot understand why my amp won't turn off. Any suggestions?
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What is the remote wire hooked up to?
It's spliced into the wiring that connects the head unit, it was originally done by Circuit City.
I suggest getting a multi-meter and testing the wire to see if it is hot all the time. If so then you need to find an "acc" wire to hook to the remote that only comes on when the key is turned.

Also, watch the power light for a few and make sure it doesn't go off after a few minutes. Sometimes amps retain power for some time after shutting down the truck... Mine stays on for about 20 seconds sometimes depending on how long it was on... I'm guessing its the charge in the capacitors keeping the LED on
Hmm. What model amplifier is it? Does it have +12v, ground, and remote wires all connected to it? I know some amps have signal sensing to turn them on. There is a possibility that a loose rca cable could be causing some noise and causing it to stay on. It definitely wasn't staying on before, right?
I did finally get it fixed, I had some spare remote wire laying around my house so I replaced all of the previous remote wire and cut new tips for the ground and power wire and now it works just fine. Thanks for the suggestions.
Good to hear :thumbup:
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