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my 2 front outlets dont work help please

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well i thinked i posted before and no one could answer. We have three outlets, 2 up front and one in the center console. My 2 front dont work near the passenger, do u guys know what i need to check, fuses or something?? Would help alot thanks.
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Sounds to me either a connection is loose or a fuse is out.
Checking the fuses would be easier than popping the center console apart.
If the fuses check out good then it's time to pop the console out and see if you have 12v at the plug(s) that connect to the back of those outlets.
Remember one is switched (need the key in) and one is constant hot, although I can't remember which is which right now.
what do i need to check the fuses
Do you have an owner's manual?
That would certainly help you narrow down which fuse goes to the 12v outlets (and whatever else if applicable).
Visually inspect that fuse for a burned link, although it's not always visibly evident that the fuse is shot, in that case a multimeter would help.
Also, you can always swap in another fuse (of the same amperage) and see if that fixes it.
Open your glove box, on the right is the fuse box door. I don't have a fuse layout so just start pulling fuses with the little tool you find in there to see if one is blown or not. If it is blown the metal inside will be broken apart, a good fuse will not be broken apart. Should look like a U with no breaks. There is also antoher fuse box in the engine compartment btwn the windshield and battery. I would start with the glove box one. If it is blown you may have spare fuses supplied in the glove box fuse box. If not, run the blown one to the store and buy a new one.

If you replace it and it blows again you may have to check your ground.
having the same problem. thanks
they should be 2 different fuses being one is switched and one is not.

So I am thinking plug, or ground. Those are the only things they have in common.
Any one been inside your dash? Like a radio install.
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