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I have a few sets of bars from vehicles that I've owned over the years. Right now I'm just posting pics. I will update the thread with model numbers and prices.

First up is a set that was paired on an 2008 Audi A6. They are the Thule flat style bars. These come with the locks. I will have to check about keys. You can get replacement keys though very easily. Bars are 55" in length.

Second, is a set of Thule square bars off an 2004 Audi S4. Comes with a Thule fairing. No locks. Bars are 50" in length.

Third, is a set of Thule square bars that came off an early 2000's BMW 5 series wagon. No locks. Nowhere to install locks either. Just shy of 50" in length.

I'm not seeing any numbers on any of the bars so I have no clue about what model. If someone is familiar with these bars and knows where to find it, feel free to inform me. I will get back to you about the model.


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