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Muddin.. now screechin

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So I did a little muddin yesterday (real fun), and today when I turn my wheels at all when stopped I get a god awful screeching sound when it goes left or right.. feels like I need to put more effort into the steering wheel to make the tires turn, this is only when not moving faster than like 3 mph.

Power steering fluid is at the full mark..

Has anyone had this happen, I’m hopping it goes away with a bit of time or does this sound like something needs greasing of replaced…

Thanks for the help
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when i used to go mudding or in muddy water when i was 2wd, the power steering on my truck always seemed rough and made more noise. it always went away after a few days of normal driving. you are describing more pronounced effects though. i don't know what the cause is, sorry.
Yeah I’m thinking if I’m correct, that the belt that powers the power steering pump is slipping when at a stop and turning the wheels. Your breaks by the way are lookin SWEET!

maybe another thing to do is check for proper belt tension. if the belt has the correct amount of tension, it could be the bearings on the pump taking a dump. in addition to that, old belts get sort of polished or smooth and slip on the pulleys. especially when water and sand is introduced. how many miles are on that belt?
not to sure on the miles but today driving 60 miles it seems that it has fixed itself. not slippin or making sounds. thanks for the help!
yup i have the same problem. the belts from now on will still squeak on startup from time to time, at least mine do. and i know i need to replace them. this is why i dont mud in the frontier too heavy.
yeah almost always this has to do with moisture causing the belt to slip or anything in general that will cause it to start slipping if it doesnt go away soon check the tension
thanks guys
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