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Fellow Frontier owners:

I’m posting these instructions on how to use your Utili Track system to mount a toolbox. I do not work for Fastenal or Better Built. The Better Built tool box fit my needs and the Fastenal store is just up the road from my house. As I am a newbie Frontier owner please forgive me if this has been posted before.

Purchase your choice of crossbed tool box.
Purchase one set of Grip-Rite tool box mounts. Available from many sources-even E-Bay.
Purchase 4 bolts and 2 channel nuts from Fastenal(or equivalent)(see receipts). If you want to make your own channel nuts - have at it. The Fastenal bolts will have to be painted. You might want to purchase stainless or galvanized 3 1/2 inch 5/16 X 18 bolts instead. The Fastenal bolts have sockets in a larger size than the stock bolts.
Set your tool box on the bed and mark the location of the holes if built by Better Built, then set aside.
Using the wider portion of the Grip-Rite mount, attach it to the Utili Track channel with the channel nut in the position you marked using the bolt that came with the kit. Notice the concave portion in the Grip-Rite bracket will fit over the lower portion of the Utili-Track rail. Repeat for the other side.
Set the tool box back in position and use the longer bolts you purchased to attach to the brackets. Do not over tighten.

This method can be used for other brands of tool boxes. You just have to use the wider Grip-Rite portions as guides to drill your holes through the bottom of the tool box in the proper locations, then follow the directions above. You may want to use different bolts as well. This method is very adaptable.

I’m including a few photos to help you see what I am attempting to describe.
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