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Moonlight offroad park.
21225 State Highway A
Sullivan, Missouri
(636) 629-0223

just looking to make a day trip of it. be out there early saturday morning and cruise until lunch. eat packed lunch or head back in town and eat and head back into the trails for another couple hours and head home.

as far as trails go. i have had a couple different setups out there. titan swap with bumper and locker, to a truck with a level kit and 285/75s.
stock or modded you will have a blast out here. tons of tight trails, a decent open area, some crazy hard rock trails.
they bring those 100k rock bouncers out here, plenty to do!

For any forum member that would wanna go but semi far away. i have a spare bedroom you are more than welcome too. we have 1 inside cat.
2 outside but they just mouse and ****.
i do have a spare xterra i would wanna take too but its still needing some work before i really hit any trails with it.
ill be in the VK frontier, so i should be able to break something before the end of the day.

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jsut reading this post makes me want to go!!! If i wasn't in CA id be down pho sho
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