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Mojave rd 01-01-10

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We are meeting at AVI resort and casino on the first. Going to catch Avatar at the theater there, stay the night and roll out in the morning after breakfast.

So far confirmed rigs
05se's X

we will camp on the trail one night, and probably lay over in barstow sunday night

May be a first genny X from Ukiah coming down, I think they are going boarding at Mammoth after the run.
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more a tour, we plan on going a little slower than last year. But we did it all in 2 wheel drive last year. We are going to stop and explore, look for some caves, stuff like that. Just a laid back trip, chill way to bring in the new years.

Of course we may ramp it up now and then, some of the washes are just fun.
OK who is going, I will be leaving at 5am on thursday, and will be real hard to get ahold of after that.
Drop mustards truck at the chop shop around noon, then hanging with family.

Probably meet 05se in barstow and head over to AVI on friday.

After that who knows, we will hit a few forts, some old mines, the lava tubes(if I can find them), the caves(if I can find them), and maybe Zzyzx
on the road and out of touch:)
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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