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Miscellaneous things.

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Got a few things from my build sitting around. Prices won't include shipping. I'll try to cram what I can into flat-rate stuffs, but if not, I'll have to figure out shipping costs.

Xoskel bumper-mouth light bracket, used, has all hardware $50

4 Xoskel light shields for KC Daylighters and clones, unused $40 (Forgot to snap a pic! It's coming)

And if anyone was interested, 4 KC yellow covers for Daylighters, unused, and 4 red acrylic KC Daylighter covers, used. $20 for all 4 standard yellow. $30 for the 4 red acryllics.

If there is interest, I can toss them up on EBAY or work something good out here. I'll toss pics up when I'm not posting from my a phone. I'm also fine if someone wants to haggle a bit.
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What size are the wheel spacer and are they hub centric?
It's the set linked below. 1 1/4" thick aluminum with studs/lugs.
Price on the spacers? I guess I'm second in line for them
I'm going to give pricing some thought. Open to offers all the same. Big headache is always shipping since I'm in BFE, Texas. I'll have a proper response when I get out of work this evening.
Still have these available. Poke if interested.
In your original post you said $150 for the spacers.
The prices in the original post were an edit done after I sat down and thought about it a bit. So, yes, the asking price is $150.
Still got a few things up here. Also, I will be in Florida (Crystal River area) from the 30th through the 5th. I've got my OE Sliding Tool Box there. If anyone in the Florida area is interested, I'd be more than happy to accommodate a sale/local pick-up. I've got no use for it with the rack I've got over the bed currently. Just let me know. Unfortunately, since I'm in Texas right now, I don't have any good shots of the box, however it's been garaged and kept on blocks to keep from rusting or going bad.
1 - 6 of 10 Posts