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Miscellaneous things.

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Got a few things from my build sitting around. Prices won't include shipping. I'll try to cram what I can into flat-rate stuffs, but if not, I'll have to figure out shipping costs.

Xoskel bumper-mouth light bracket, used, has all hardware $50

4 Xoskel light shields for KC Daylighters and clones, unused $40 (Forgot to snap a pic! It's coming)

And if anyone was interested, 4 KC yellow covers for Daylighters, unused, and 4 red acrylic KC Daylighter covers, used. $20 for all 4 standard yellow. $30 for the 4 red acryllics.

If there is interest, I can toss them up on EBAY or work something good out here. I'll toss pics up when I'm not posting from my a phone. I'm also fine if someone wants to haggle a bit.
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Price on the spacers? I guess I'm second in line for them
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