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Ive finally started cleaning out my garage to free up some money for my other projects. My phone is acting up but i will have pictures up tomorrow. I will update with a list of people interested at the bottom.

My truck is a 2005 SE Black crewcab Frontier
Prices are plus shipping and OBO

2 - Radflo 2.0 750# Coilovers for 3" lift made for use with with aftermarket UCA's (which i no longer have). $350
PRG Products

2 - Stock Frontier/Equator leaf springs with 3,000 miles PM me
2 - STOCK UCA's $50
2 - Stock LCA's$50
1 - Stock front bumper (currently painted but can be reworked) PM me
1 - Pass. Side front fender with trimming and scratches PM me
1 - Drivers side front fender with trimming, scratches, and a spraypaint red skull and crossbones. PM me
2 - Stock rear shocks $50
2 - stock 4x4 SE front springs$50
2 - stock front shocks $50
4 - SE rims (currently painted but can be reworked) PM me
~3 - TPMS Sensors PM me
Possibly a 3" PA Body lift and 4x4 parts gap-guards PM me
2 - Rear bedsides (drilled out) PM me
Possibly spare tires in the 285/75/16 and 315/75/16 sizes Pm me
1 - Stock spare tire used ~ twice $40
1 - Stock radio $30

For an additional cost i can have the bumper and rims so someone can get them without any downtime on their truck.

Im in western colorado ship via Greyhound/UPS/USPS. These will be posted on other forums.
PM or Post if your want something. I will try to find prices that work for everyone.


Here is the current list of people interested so i can keep track.
Radflo Coilovers
F-town Frontier

Body Lift

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Price and shipping to 32119 for the 3" PA bodylift. Thanks

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would like to see pics of the Rads 2.0 and the UCA's? interested if the price is right... and condition
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