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mikem5359 says hello

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I have been working for Nissan for over twenty years now
I have an 08 frontier CC Long bed,Cold air intake

Hope i can help out when needed:hi:
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Welcome to the club!
What do you do for Nissan?
Welcome Mike. Feel free to chime in with any opinions or suggestions.
welcome to the club, i'm curious about what you do for nissan as well
I am a parts guy for over 20 mechanics
Welcome, enjoy your stay here.

Welcome to the club

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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone
The funny thing about being in Nissan parts is how many numbers I can toss right out of my mind at times
Also,It seems they like to make it harder on you by adding more letters to the part numbers,lol
I remember when the first five of the number was the certain part,And the last five meant what type of car it was
Boy has the times changed:comphead:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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