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Mike R's Very Slow Overland Build

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Username: Mike R
Year: 2010
Make: Nissan
Model: Frontier
Trim: Pro-4X with Lux package
Color:Super Black




Suspension & Tires: 265/75/16 Kelly Safari TSR's

Armor:ARB Front Bumper
ShrockWorks Radiator Skid.
HeftyFabworks Sliders


Gear and Other: Thule Xsporter Rack
CVT Mt. Baker hard shell RTT
CVT 79 inch Awning With Mesh Room

In Progress:

Summer of 2012 at Goldendale, WA on my way back from Overland Expo

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Looks good. How are you liking the ARB bumper? Any plans for suspension work / lift?
Looks good. How are you liking the ARB bumper? Any plans for suspension work / lift?
Yes, But I only want to do it once and do it correct so i am waiting until I am sure.
Nice looking rig!
thank you
More pics!!! :)
Sliders installed

Finally got the Sliders installed,

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My wife got me a set of weathertech liners for christmas.
i'll pop them in the truck in the morning.
Look great, I like those HeftyFabworks Sliders!!
i couldnt complain about hefty, 9 days from order to delivery
A lift is next on my list, PRG,, Icon, Radflo, OME, TJM and Even Fox
I like the set up!
Interested in seeing what lift you put on. I finally got my lift squared away with an OME lift kit (minus their leaf springs, I put 2 leaf deaver AAL pack in). With medium duty coil springs I got right at or just under 1.5" in the front. Keep up the good work.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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