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Metallic squealing noise from engine > 2k RPM

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2005 4.0L V6

There is a metallic chirping / squealing noise coming from the engine area over 2000RPM, so every time I shift or I'm on the highway, it's constant.

This started a while ago, and I have changed, in this order:

-Belt tensioner
-Fan clutch
-Idler pulley

Still no change. I'm at a loss. It seems like it could be anything turned by the belt or even the aftermarket parts I've already replaced, which is frustrating.

It's pretty annoying / embarrassing to drive at the moment. Any ideas?

I feel like the water pump might be the next thing to check.
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Mine does the same thing but seems lower on the engine like a/c.
I have ignored it by turning the gains up on the amp and make the exhaust louder.

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Timing chains have a metal slap like a bicycle chain.
Water pump is a low pitched grinding sound, normally the bearing goes bad and will notice blue or green coolant leak on floor or smell it.
Also have you checked power steering?

Try removing belt and start it and listen for it if you still hear it then it could be something internal
But if it goes away you could have a misalign pulley or something belt driven.

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Should be like a quarter of a inch of slack when you push down on the belt.

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On my third fan clutch
They stay engage for the first block then disengaged my father truck does the same thing.

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